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About Us




The Story Behind Cogworks

Our name represents unity of materials, design and craftsmanship. Founded in 1997 by craftsman Ian Johnson, our shop in Antrim, New Hampshire is a blend of traditional woodworking, artistic and engineering talent. Here in an old cutlery mill, we make items out of wood we would like to own ourselves. Our commitment to original design and American craftsmanship is demonstrated in all our work from bookmarks to boards.  

A Reflection of Nature

Natural, strong and distinctive, wood is an unmistakable material. Like a person, no tree is alike. Each tree is genetically unique and experiences the elements of wind, rain, and sun in different measures. The material of choice for thousands of years, wood is a delightful contrast to synthetic materials and a practical material for everyday living. Wood is renewable, durable and available in a huge variety of textures and colors.

Exploring the Possibilities of Wood 

One of our first creations was our unique wooden cogs. In order for wood gears to turn, they must be designed with the material in mind and precisely made. Wood is not a static material; it is hygroscopic. Expanding and contrasting according to the humidity of the surrounding air, our cogs demonstrate not only the challenges of working with wood but what is possible.